GiantMouse Readies Clyde for Release at Last

GiantMouse is releasing the latest addition to their ACE line, the Clyde, today.

The Clyde is a small EDC folder, one that GiantMouse wants its users to gravitate towards every day. “We have been testing the Clyde for almost a year and it has that usefulness that keeps making you choose it,” Giantmouse’s Jim Wirth says. As with all GiantMouse knives it is a design collaboration between Danish knife makers Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes. The two designers synthesized their individual styles with a number of other influences. “It’s pure in its form and the mix of Nordic, Japanese and Persian lines gives it a strong functional look,” adds Wirth.

Ansø and Voxnaes have put out drop points, clip points, bowies, and less conventional shapes too. Here they’ve drawn up a 3-inch trailing point blade, which flicks out with a thumb stud and is made from Elmax blade steel. The handle is all clean lines, with a gentle curve along the spine and a 45 degree tilt down to the back end. The colored backspacer integrates a lanyard hole. Micarta and G-10 scale options are in play, and a large cutout on the show side scale provides an indexing location for the forefinger as well as easy access to the liner lock for closing. As is the case with other GiantMouse knives the Clyde is made in Maniago, Italy.

GiantMouse ACE Clyde

The EDC-friendly folder has had the longest run-up to release in GiantMouse history. “It has been a long social media campaign for the Clyde – much longer than intended,” says Wirth. “We started teasing photos of the Clyde from September 2018 through April of this year in anticipation of a May launch.”

However, the first batch of Clyde’s that arrived were in need of some troubleshooting. “We were simply not satisfied with the knives. No doubt we could have sold them but that’s not what we are about – we love what we do and want to feel good about our product. So everything went back over the pond to be reworked.” The wait became an opportunity for good-natured social media interactions and Clyde developed a reputation even before it was available. “Clyde has taken on a personality, so to speak.  Clyde is someone you want to hang out with. He’s the kind of guy you’d find partying with the Dos Equis guy – the most interesting man in the world.”

The Clyde is releasing today, Saturday August 10th, at at 8:47am PDT/11:47am EST. The price is set at $154.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse ACE Clyde