Bestech Finalizes First Fixed Blade Release

Bestech Knives is collaborating with German knife maker Markus Heidgen of Heidi Blacksmith for their first fixed blade release, the Heidi. The knife showcases Heidgen’s ergonomics-first design philosophy and may be the first of multiple collaborations with Bestech.

The Heidi has a bird and trout knife vibe, but according to Bestech it has been designed for a much wider set of cutting chores. “[Heidgen’s] knives are developed to be an ideal urban EDC, which covers 90% of all the tasks that occur during every day life: kitchen work, preparing food, office work, opening boxes, carving wood, etc.” The Heidi’s 3.14 inch drop point blade is satin finished and made from D2 blade steel.

With an overall length of 6.89 inches, the blade to handle ratio deliberately favors the handle. “His knives always feature a slight disproportion between blade length and handle length which over time became his trademark. The top goal was to ensure a good full grip for your full hand without creating a very large and heavy knife.” The collaborators also wanted to ensure the knife would be legal in as much as Europe as possible.

Its handle scales are made from different configurations of G-10 and carbon fiber-laminated G-10. The models that feature a contrasting ‘bolster’ are a nod to one of Heidgen’s favorite Bestech models, the Swordfish. No matter which you settle on, your Heidi will come with a Kydex sheath.

According to the company, this production Heidi not only breaks Bestech into a new market, it provides users around the world a chance to grab a design that is quickly becoming hard to track down in a custom format. “[Heidgen’s] books are closed and its getting more and more difficult to acquire any of his custom work,” they say. His success in Germany led to the coining of his nickname “Heidi,” a reference to the famous books by Swiss author Johanna Spyri. Heidgen works primarily as a blacksmith, hence the maker name Heidi Blacksmith.

We may see more Bestech/Heidgen joints in the future. “We always seek long-term collaborations and are not necessarily looking for one-time-only partners. We already discussed the possibility to add a limited version which could feature a superior steel over D2 and a different handle material.”

Bestech has said on social media that the Heidi is slated to arrive within the next week or so. The MSRP will be set between $110-$120.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Heidi