Benchmade Reveals New Puukko Outdoors Fixed Blade


Benchmade has just revealed the 200 Puukko fixed blade knife at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, CO. In current Benchmade fashion the Puukko is a classic design with modern flourishes, including high performance, super tough blade steel and a synthetic handle material.

“This is our first puukko, and we decided to do a modern twist on it, which has been our M.O. with other existing, classic designs,” says Benchmade’s Derrick Lau. Glance at an image of the Puukko and all the classic lines and details are in place: the barrel-shaped handle, the simple, 3.75-inch drop point blade, the compact, carryable size. But tweaks have been made to venerable puukko pattern from tip to tail, starting with the cutting edge: Benchmade picked a new-to-the-lineup steel, 3V, for the 200 Puukko.

3V is known for extreme toughness, and it has already displayed that characteristic in Benchmade’s internal testing. The blade withstood a sideload of 800lbs/in. without snapping. “This material is new to us, and it is heavy duty,” Lau confirms. A traditional puukko comes with a Scandi grind, but Benchmade opted for a sabre grind that mimics the look of a Scandi without necessitating the shift in sharpening practices that a true one brings.

The 200 Puukko withstood 800 lbs. of sideload pressure without snapping

The 200 Puukko withstood 800 lbs. of sideload pressure without snapping

Modern renovations continue on the handle, a rubberized Santroprene material rather than wood. A reptilian cross-cut pattern creates traction no matter which way the knife is held, and Benchmade also found space at the butt end of the knife to pop in a lanyard hole. They’ve included a leather sheath similar to that seen on their larger Bushcrafter model, albeit with the added upgrade of a dangler carry option. Carry should be simple with a total weight of just over 7 oz. in the sheath.

Benchmade 200 Puukko with Sheath

Benchmade 200 Puukko with Sheath

Benchmade has been praised for its boundary-pushing lineup in recent years. Not only have they made significant extensions to popular models with products like the Mini Crooked River, they’ve also broken completely new ground for themselves. Brand new genres of knives have been added to their catalog: slipjoint, ultralight folder, and now puukko fixed blade. Lau tells us this has been a conscious move, and they wanted to bring the smae mindset to fixed blades. “Instead of resting on our laurels with fixed blades we decided to venture out and try something new to us.”

The 200 Puukko is on display right now at the Outdoor Retailer Show. MSRP is set at $145.

Knife featured in image: Benchmade 200 Puukko

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