We Knife Co. Double Helix Showcases New Lock

We Knife Co. is releasing the Double Helix, a knife featuring its new, patented Sliderlock mechanism. The Double Helix will hit the shelves alongside the Chimera, a frame lock flipper with a striking fantasy-inspired style.

Double Helix
The Double Helix has no flipper, no frame lock, and a drop point blade embellished only by a fuller. So in some ways it is a minor departure from WE’s usual approach already. However, the new Sliderlock sets it apart completely. It works via a locking bar that moves into place by external titanium springs. When disengaging the lock, users simply slide the bar down using the studs on either side. The titanium springs run the length of the handle and are laid in recessed channels to protect from interference. “The locking mechanism is completely ambidextrous, very strong and durable,” explains We Knife Co. Europe representative Henk Hakvoort (you can see a video of the Sliderlock in action here). “When used in motion, it’s very easy to open and close one-handed.” Oriented for EDC, the Double Helix’s blade measures 3.3 inches long and is made from S35VN steel.

In addition to a technical showpiece, the Double Helix functions as the proving ground for the Sliderlock. The mechanism’s future rests largely on the response it gets from users. “We need feedback from our customers on how they like the use of the Sliderlock,” Hakvoort says. He also addresses the obvious comparison to the McHenry and Williams pivot lock, best known to the knife community as Benchmade’s Axis Lock. “The Sliderlock looks a bit like the Axis lock, in the way you slide/move it. That’s the only similarity. Otherwise the spring is totally different in the way it is constructed and operates.”

WE’s skyrocketing reputation in the knife world has been on the back of its high-quality machining, tight tolerances, and superb fit and finish. But they want to extend to their influence into design and mechanical innovation as well. The Sliderlock should give the community plenty to talk about for now, but WE already envisions other new technologies. “Right now we have some very innovative developments going on, including a new locking mechanism,” Hakvoort says. “Though it will take some time to finish development and fine-tuning.”

Alongside the Double Helix and its Sliderlock, the frame lock flipper Chimera is more conventional mechanically. However, its high-end fantasy styling should set it apart. WE often favors a refined, technical aesthetic but the Chimera is a different beast altogether. Its aggressive clip point blade is 3.9 inches long, with a fuller and a swedge that sweeps up into a horn on the spine. The fantastical look continues on the handle, which has been machined with organic, reptilian patterns.

We Knife Co. Chimera

We Knife Co. Chimera

Hakvoort tells us that the process for achieving this natural look was anything but primitive, and took a full year to get right. “The adjustment between milling and anodization areas has to be very precise. It needed several passes for each scale to get the result like we wanted.” The big blade and bold look don’t bring any unnecessary weight either; the Chimera comes in at under 5 oz. despite its size.

Both the Double Helix and the Chimera are arriving with dealers soon. MSRP for the Double Helix is $335. The Chimera stickers for $298.

Knife featured in image: We Knife Co. Double Helix