HEAdesigns Returns to the Equilibrium with EDC-Friendly Sequel

The HEAdesigns Equilibrium is getting a sequel, the EQ V2. This follow-up brings the renowned Equilibrium style into a fresh size class and kicks up the materials another notch.

HEAdesigns made waves with the original Equilibrium four years ago. The Persian-style blade, unusual ergonomics, and uncluttered, modern aesthetic served as a statement of intent. “[It] was our first model. So we wanted to take four years of experience back to this first concept,” says Sam Abdelrahman, Founder of HEAdesigns. “A lot of feedback went into the design of this one.”

Abdelrahman is quick to point out the EQ V2 is not meant to supersede the original Equilibrium. “A lot of sequels are looked at as replacements but we don’t want to do that with the EQ V2,” he says. “We never thought the first one was broken.” Instead, he wanted to bring the Equilibrium into a different size category. The original had a 3.8-inch blade, but the EQ V2 has a more everyday-friendly 3.5-inch length. “This Equilibrium is really in the EDC category – it has everything you need for EDC tasks,” Abdelrahman notes. Blade steel makes the jump from S35VN to M390, too. These significant changes are accompanied by a raft of smaller adjustments and tweaks to make the most of the size reduction. All in all, the EQ V2 a different knife from its predecessor, but the essential Equilibrium spirit remains. “The surprisingly amazing ergonomics and profile – those are the things that make it an EQ,” Abeldrahman tells us.

Customers can get the EQ V2 in the classic, clean titanium style HEAdesigns is known for, but a second version sports carbon fiber scales with a titanium bolster, frame, and bolster lock. Thanks to intensive milling and carbon fiber’s natural lightness, this version cuts nearly a full ounce off the weight compared to the full ti model, tipping the scales at 3.4 oz.

We all know that the industry has changed drastically since HEAdesigns came onto the scene in 2014. There’s more competition than ever and Abdelrahman acknowledges that end users’ tastes change constantly. But he says the EQ V2 benefits from HEAdesign’s commitment to the knife enthusiast. A collector himself, he knows what modern high-end knife buyers are looking for, what they prioritize. “These are really from one collector to another. We want things to be a fresh take every time,” he says. “That’s the spirit of what we do – it has to be something new.”

The EQ V2 is available for preorder now, and is releasing on August 3rd. Only 150 of both the full titanium and the carbon fiber versions will be made.

Knife featured in image: HEAdesigns EQ V2 CF