Buck Knives 110 Auto Voted Best New Automatic Knife 2017

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We are pleased to announce that the Buck Knives 110 Auto is the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice for Best New Automatic Knife 2017. Votes cast by dealers indicated that other great new blades in this category included the Benchmade Casbah and the SOG Strat Ops.

Few knives boast the historical significance of the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. When it came out in 1964 it redefined the possibilities of a folding knife. Since then it remained the gold standard for countless users across the USA and all over the world. When Buck released the 110 Auto this year it addressed a long-standing desire of 110 fans everywhere.

The 110 enjoys a variety of special editions and variations but until this year it had few true line expansions. According to company CEO CJ Buck, an automatic model was a necessary addition and one that emphasizes the genius of the original design. “The 110 Auto builds on the timelessness of our classic 110 Folding Hunter.”

There’s a definite ‘cool factor’ in having this famous design with an automatic action. But the switch to automatic deployment enhances the utility too. It addresses one of the few quibbles users pick with the original design: the lack of one-hand opening. The traditional-style nail nick on the 110 has its charms but many of today’s users want or need a one-hand opening option. Thumb stud add-ons and variants are available but nothing is as thoughtless or easy as pressing the button on the 110 Auto.

Best New Automatic Knife 2017

Thanks to its extraordinary popularity, and Buck’s meticulous record-keeping blade markings, the 110 collector’s community is quite large. According to CJ Buck, the 110 Auto made a classic feel fresh all over again, to collectors and users alike. “This modern twist triggered the ‘gotta have it’ response in everyone that we showed it to,” he says.

Automatic conversions for the 110 have been a fixture of the aftermarket community for years, but now fans can get one straight from Buck itself. Now they get the advantage of automatic action with no time-intensive modding procedure and no warranty issues down the line. CJ Buck says the only problem with the new automatic has been making enough to keep people happy. “This year has been a race to catch up with the demand.”

Visit KnifeNews.com tomorrow to find out the winner of the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice Award for Best New High-End Knife 2017 (MSRP of $300 or more). See the nominees below.


Benchmade Anthem: The Anthem is pure ambition from tip to tail, with an integral handle, unique iteration of the Axis Lock, and super steel blade.

Benchmade Anthem

Fox Phoenix: Tashi Bharucha’s unmistakable style shines through on this titanium frame lock flipper.

Fox Phoenix

Olamic Swish: Big and bold, Olamic outdid themselves with their second major release.

Olamic Swish

Zero Tolerance 0850: Two superstar designers, Dmitry Sinkevich and Todd Rexford, combined forces for the striking 0850.

Zero Tolerance 0850


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