Spyderco Maxamet Manix 2 Lightweight Voted Best Knife Upgrade 2017

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We are pleased to announce that the Spyderco Maxamet Manix 2 Lightweight is the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice for Best Knife Upgrade 2017. Votes cast by dealers indicated that other great new blades in this category included the Bradford Knives Sheepsfoot Guardian 3, CRKT Homefront EDC, and the M390 Kershaw Dividend.

Spyderco routinely tests and implements a variety of unusual steels. Recently we’ve seen exotic options like K390 on the Police 4, the rust-proof LC 200 N on the SpydieChef, and HAP40 on a series of sprint run variants. “We’re definitely steel obsessed,” Spyderco’s Eric Glesser succinctly puts it.

But no Spyderco blade steel generated more discussion this year than Maxamet. With a ton of carbon and a massive injection of tungsten for hardenability, Maxamet reaches Rockwell hardnesses in the upper 60s for extreme edge retention. It is also notoriously difficult to grind, which added to its mystique as few Maxamet knives hit the production market. Until Spyderco took up the challenge, the only production knives utilizing this hard-to-machine super steel long since became discontinued, sought-after collectibles, with custom knife price tags.

The Manix 2 LW in Maxamet changed that, delivering the steel in a utility-driven design for less than $200. “The goal with this specific model, and a number of USA-made designs, is to offer a grand ‘bang-for-the buck,’” Glesser explains. “People want to try new, harder-working steels on their existing favorite knives. The Manix 2 Lightweight is an excellent recipient for this as it weighs 3 oz., making it agreeably light to use and carry – plus Maxamet cuts like a fiend.”

Spyderco Maxamet Manix 2 Lightweight

Glesser, who designed the Manix 2, says the Maxamet variants also resonated with customers because they embodied several core Spyderco values. “[Our] customers want performance, quality, and value,” he says. “We do too and will extend our best effort to keep on giving them that.”

Spyderco plans to roll out other Golden, CO-made models in Maxamet including the Para 3, but the Manix 2 LW sits in a perfect position to leverage Maxamet’s particular advantages. “[It’s] a cocktail of first string performers,” Glesser explains. “We mix exotic, high-functioning blade steel, a lightweight handle with a Ball Bearing Lock.” He tells us the company intends to keep pushing the boundaries of production knife steel. “As new ultra-performing steels emerge you can bet we are testing them.”

Visit KnifeNews.com tomorrow to find out the winner of the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice Award for Best New Automatic Knife 2017 (See the nominees below).


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