SOG Baton Q2 Voted Best New Multitool 2017

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We are pleased to announce that the SOG Baton Q2 is the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice for Best New Multitool 2017. Votes cast by dealers indicated that other great new tools in this category included the Gerber Center-Drive, Leatherman Juice CS3, and the Rike Slingshot Multitool.

In the multitool space, the standard, folding pliers-based design holds near-total sway. Many manufacturers choose to offer variants on that archetype rather than break away and blaze a new trail. For multitool fans looking for something new, SOG’s Baton series was a breath of fresh air.

The company earned accolades for more conventional multitools in the past, but they broke free of tradition with the Baton series. They chose to forgo delivering an inflated toolset with unnecessary or little-used implements. Instead, SOG worked to incorporate the essentials into four different packages designed for a mainstream, urban crowd. Each Baton model offers a different tool compliment, but for most users, the Q2 strikes the perfect balance between size and utility.

SOG Baton Q2

The 2.5-inch blade handles most chores and is easy to sharpen. It’s a perfect backup blade or even primary EDC for light duty days at the office. The bottle opener/screwdriver cover other everyday needs. On the opposite end of the Q2, an LED flashlight further helps differentiate it from other products. Few folding multitools of any kind offer a flashlight, and gear enthusiasts will often carry a separate one in addition to their other tools. The Baton Q2 neatly wraps both into one pen-shaped package.

The Q2 finds creative solutions to age-old multitool issues. More traditional designs often tip the scales at eight or more ounces. Most find themselves relegated to a drawer or tool chest until they’re needed, or in the best case, a user carries them in cumbersome belt sheaths. But the Q2’s slender profile and aluminum chassis make carry in a pocket, book bag, or laptop case completely effortless. It carries like a pen and weighs less than many pocket knives.

According to SOG’s Chris Cashbaugh, the Baton’s success was a team effort. “When we introduced the Baton series we knew we were not only re-thinking our approach on the product side, but also asking dealers to alter their approach to their sales plans,” he tells us. “This award serves as a testament to the hard work it takes to combine design goals, marketing initiatives and sales efforts. We’re incredibly indebted to the dealers for recognizing our Q2.”

Visit tomorrow to find out the winner of the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice Award for Best Knife Upgrade 2017 (See the nominees below).


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Bradford Guardian 3 Sheepsfoot

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CRKT Homefront EDC

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Kershaw Dividend M390

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Spyderco Manix 2 Gray Maxamet


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