Best Sharpeners for Knives with Jobs

Presented by Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners

A knife is a must-have tool on the job, but sharpening it shouldn’t be hard work. Electricians, delivery men, carpenters, cops, roofers, maintenance guys, warehouse workers, landscapers and many other hard-working people count on their knives as one of the tools they use the most. When those knives get dull, they’ll need a fast and affordable way to get them job-ready again.

That’s where Work Sharp’s Original and Combo Knife Sharpener come in. Knife manufacturers like CRKT, KA-BAR, Kershaw, Benchmade, and Schrade all use motorized abrasive belts to sharpen knives before they leave the factory. It’s not the perfect precision you’d need for a 4-figure custom knife, but it’s the most efficient way to put a keen edge on a blade. Work Sharp brings that concept into the home so you have a quality edge when you need it.

Manual setups can cost hundreds of dollars and take weeks to master. They will delight collectors who want mirror polish edges on their latest mid-tech. But for somebody touching up a knife on a weekly or even daily basis, those systems take too much time and money.

Available in multiple configurations for less than $100, Work Sharp’s power sharpener format cuts down on the learning curve to get your blade sharp without a second thought. Everyday working knife steels like AUS-8 or 8Cr13MoV respond very quickly to belt sharpening. They go from dull to work-ready sharpness in a matter of minutes.

Belt sharpeners also excel at edge repair. A work knife sees more abuse than a display piece. Rolls, knicks, and chips are common problems, and can make your go-to knife useless. The Work Sharp systems’ ability to remove significant amounts of material will erase these blemishes. What would be hours at the stones becomes minutes on Work Sharp’s power belt sharpeners.

The Work Sharp Original Knife Sharpener offers the complete package. Three separate grits of abrasive belts and two different angle guides let you develop the edge you need. The Original can accommodate more than knives, too. Mower blades, scissors, even axe heads can be given new life. As you grow in familiarity, accessories can be purchased to push the Original’s capabilities even further. And if that’s not already enough for your needs, be sure to read our story about the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition.

Some users just don’t want to get bogged down in any details. With the Combo Sharpener, Work Sharp produced a streamlined, one-stop-shop knife sharpener. Its single, custom-size 120-grit belt aggressively removes steel to get your knife back into action fast. An integrated ceramic hone stands ready to finish a newly-sharpened edge or to touch up a blade that doesn’t need a full pass on the belt yet.

Nobody knows the value of a keen edge better than somebody who uses their knife for more than just opening envelopes. Work Sharp offers affordable options and the right tools to sharpen knives with jobs.