KnifeCenter Presents the Annual Custom Knife Sale

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Buying the best at the lowest prices usually takes patience. But for knife collectors, the waiting game is over because just put up its Annual Custom Knife Sale. The race to save hundreds on a vast selection of over 400 custom and mid-techs is just getting started.

The menu includes blades from some of the biggest names in the business. You’ll find pieces from the likes of Jens Anso, Todd Begg Knives, Bob Terzuola, Tashi Bharucha, and Serge Panchenko. If you’re ready to add something extraordinary to an existing collection or start a new one, here are five other makers in the sale that merit special attention:

Rockstead: Rockstead is a legendary name in the community. This Japanese manufacturer makes blades in a class by themselves, commanding high prices and offering equally high performance. Superior steels and masterful fit and finish keep Rockstead at the forefront of what production knives can be.

Duane Dwyer: Dwyer made up half of the Strider Knives team before the company closed its doors earlier this year. His custom work offers unique riffs on the famous SnG knife. Different grinds, different blades, and different embellishments make a Dwyer SnG its own very cool, very collectible beast.

Gerry McGinnis: A true knifemaking prodigy, Gerry McGinnis made his first blade at 15 and, at age 20, became the youngest ever CRKT collaborator with the Summa. As he continues to develop his skills, any McGinnis knife sticks out from the crowd with sinuous profiles and utilitarian blade shapes.

Kingdom Armory: David Rydbom, the man behind Kingdom Armory, opens his order book just once a year, and it fills up to his limit of 100 orders within minutes. His mid-tech output is nearly as rare and sought after. Rydbom’s style emphasizes work-ready cleaver blade shapes and clean, industrial style finishes.

Olamic Tactical: Many people love Olamic’s growing stable of mid-tech offerings. But the shop really cuts loose with their custom knives, playing with insane numbers of materials, finishes, milling patterns, and anodizations. This experimental streak makes every custom that leaves the shop feel like a rare, one-off creation.