Bestech 9 Delivers Big Knife Specs in Slim and Trim Frame

Rafal Brzeski is bringing out another production folder in collaboration with Bestech Knives. Simply called the 9, Brzeski’s latest pairs impressive dimensions with a minimalist style and design.

Do not fret: the name “9” does not refer to the blade length; this is not a mega-folder with a nine-inch blade. But it is still pretty big, with a modified wharncliffe blade that measures 3.78 inches long. That should be enough real estate for anything that could reasonably be designated an everyday carry chore but, for all that length, the 9 doesn’t seem overbuilt or unnecessarily beefy; the slimness of its flipper-fired modified wharnie may make it look smaller than it is – at the very least, that thinness will make this largeish blade easy to control.

The modified wharnie has just a kiss of belly

When it comes to steel at Bestech, the company tends to stick to what it likes, and what it likes is M390. That won’t be a surprise to anybody at this point, but performance, not novelty, was certainly the point here, and the performance should be very good. It’s fair to call M390 one of the benchmark super steels of recent years: not the newest formula but, thanks to both its prevalence in the high-end production scene and its solid performance characteristics, it’s a good yardstick by which to measure more outre options that specialize in one thing or another.

Premium steel means premium handle material, so the 9’s scales are sculpted from titanium, anodized a light powder blue here. The machined details around the hardware and general handle perimeter give the 9 a classy look, but leave its dead simple ergonomic silhouette untouched; this is not a knife that will tell you to hold it a specific way. The pocket clip too is made from sculpted titanium, and is non-reversible. The 9 has a listed weight of 4.28 oz.

The 9 will be hitting shelves soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Knives 9

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