Spyderco Reveal 15 Stars Latest Version of the Techno

Spyderco Reveal 15 has arrived just ahead of Blade Show, and it’s a juicy one. Intriguing Sprint Runs, line expansions, and the latest version of a popular premium folder can be found within its pages.

Techno 3

The fan favorite Marcin Slysz design returns bearing its latest, and most dramatic yet, set of revisions. The blade looks markedly different, although it is around the same size, measuring 2.64 inches long, and is still made from CTS-XHP steel. For the first time in the Techno line a flipper tab has been added, and the all titanium handle’s lines have been given a thorough tweaking, too.

Chaparral Slipit

Another interesting variation getting thrown into the mix is this slipjoint version of the Chaparral. The Chap has always been a near-perfect EDC companion, and now those with more restrictive knife laws, or simply with a taste for non-locking designs, can get in on the Chap action too.

R.I.L. Tenacious

The longstanding Tenacious family also grows with the addition of these two new titanium handled, frame lock – or, to use Spyderco’s more accurate parlance, Reeve Integral Lock – versions. Blade steel is the line-standard 8Cr13MoV on both, as is the blue anodized scales, but you can get the blade either coated or satin finished.

Temperance Sprint Run

Here’s one from the vault: the first ever Spyderco fixed blade, the Temperance, returns for a limited time only. This is actually a tripartite Sprint, with iterations of the 4.15-inch leaf-bladed user in plain edge, fully serrated, or edgeless trainer configurations. The live edge versions come with CPM-Cru Wear steel, and all models have FRN handles and boltaron sheaths.


There’s a whole mess of new steel options for existing models (see our overview below), but we wanted to single out the next Mule Team fixie Spyderco has lined up for especial attention. It’s going to be made from Takefu Special Metals’s VG XEOS, a “rebalanced” sequel to VG-10. This steel is rarely seen outside of Japan and its official specifications aren’t even available at this time – which makes it a perfect candidate for the experimental, enthusiast-grade Mule project.

Steel Options Galore

Reveal 15 also includes a generous helping of new steel options for existing models. The SPY27 collection grows with additional models, including the good old Sage 5; this Compression Lock-clad stalwart is also rolling out in a CPM-REX121 option. We’re also getting an entire Sprint Run family consisting of some core Spyderco folders – Manbug, Dragonfly 2, Delica, Endura, Endela, Police 4, and Stretch 2 XL – all with deep burgundy handle scales and CTS-Micro-Melt PD#1 for the steel. Last but not least, the Stretch 2 XL is also getting a K390 flavor.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Techno 3

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