Bestech Scales up Slasher for Speedy Sequel

Ask and ye shall receive: Bestech has plans for a larger version of the Slasher, a recently released folder. The new Slasher XL (our name, not Bestech’s) moves the blade length into beefier territory but keeps the ambidextrous B-Lock mechanism.

The Slasher is a pretty new knife itself. It landed in that very familiar EDC wheelhouse, with a 3-inch blade, which you could describe as a modified wharncliffe or, if you’re feeling spicy, a reverse tanto; either way it was an intuitive, utilitarian profile calibrated smartly for everyday carry. One standout feature was the world debut of the B-Lock, which is Bestech’s take on the Axis Lock-style, ambidextrous crossbar mechanism. Like its epoch-making predecessor, the B-Lock moves into a notch on the blade tang when the knife is opened; pulling back on the tab releases the blade for closing.

The standard Slasher has a blade length right at 3 inches

This Slasher XL changes nothing about the fundamental design – at least so far, because it exists only as a computer drawing for now. You’ve got the B-Lock, the same curvy, ergonomic handle, and the same work-ready wharnie blade shape. The blade length has been moved up to the 3.5-inch mark, which for us is the demarcation line between a standard EDC and “EDC Plus,” although for many users we suspect picking one over the other comes down to mere preference.

According to a post on Instagram, the Slasher XL is being bandied about in response to community reactions to the standard model. If you’ve been around the cutlery block you’ll be plenty familiar with the refrain that accompanies any release, big or small, asking for it in other sizes. “To meet such needs from our customers, finally we prepared a larger one with 3.5” blade,” Bestech wrote.

Bestech says that if the response is good enough they’ll get to work right away on this one. It’s hard to say when we can expect to see the Slasher XL, but Bestech certainly works with alacrity so it may be sooner rather than later.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Slasher XL Computer Drawing

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