Black Fox Feresa Focuses on EDC with Wharncliffe Blade

Last week we covered the Black Fox Argus, one of three new designs for the company by Grigorii Matveev. Today we’re looking at Matveev design no. 2, the Feresa. This second knife clearly bears family resemblance to the Argus, but does things differently when it comes to its overall profile and the nuts and bolts of how it works.

The most striking thing on the Feresa is the blade, and that’s as it should be. Measuring 3.15 inches, it’s smaller than the blade on the Argus, but not by enough to change its classification: this is clearly an everyday carry piece, sporting a flat-ground wharnie blade with just the faintest upsweep to increase its piercing potential. As on the Argus, D2 blade steel is here, providing the Feresa with good edge retention and toughness; both Feresa colorations come with a blackwashed blade, which helps with rust resistance, the major sticking point when it comes to D2, which is a semi-stainless.

There is also an all black Feresa model

The Argus was a flipper; the Feresa, meanwhile, opens with a long, oval cutout in the blade. It’s capable of being opened with one hand in the manner of a Spyder Hole, but also can function as a modernized nail nick for two-handed opening. Underneath the hood we’ve got a liner lock so, while the opening method is completely ambidextrous, and the clip can be swapped to either side, there is still a bit of right-handedness to the Feresa overall.

An uncluttered handle compliments the Feresa’s handsome, subdued blade. The aluminum scales have a plus-size chamfer around their edges, with some diamond check pattering cut into the top flats (the scales, by the way, come in two different colors: black or green). The pocket clip is a stamped steel number, designed to be loop over and deep carry; the Feresa enters the ring at 3.53 oz.

This is part two of our coverage of the new Black Fox/Grigorii Matveev collaboration releases. We’ve got one more to go, so stay tuned.

Knife in Featured Image: Black Fox Feresa

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