Buck Serves up Chef’s Knife for November Buck of the Month

Buck is serving up something a little different for their November Buck of the Month release. For the first time this year the company has added one of their culinary knives into this limited edition series. This Buck 931 Chef’s Knife comes with upgraded blade steel and a handle material unique to the special edition.

These days, the Buck catalog is more diverse than it has ever been before. The last five or so years have seen the company trying its hand at all sorts of different formats, including flippers, modern revisions of their classics, even knives with current gen super steels like S45VN. But for as many things as people associate the name “Buck” with now, we’d bet that not many think of their kitchen cutlery first, although the company has been making them for quite some time. Buck’s culinary catalog includes steak knives, paring knives, specialized meat/game processors, even custom Buck knife blocks.

The ebony wood scales are unique to this 931

This Buck of the Month is a rendition of their 931 Chef’s Knife, the do-all centerpiece of their kitchen knife lineup. Buck’s take on this classic workhorse sticks close to traditional Western chef knife patterns, with an 8-inch edge that can be called upon for just about any job that might crop up on or around the cutting board. One interesting difference between Buck’s blade and many others is that, instead of a full flat grind, they’ve given the 931 a saber grind, imbuing it with a bit more durability than the average chef’s knife.

The standard version of the 931 comes with 420HC steel with a Paul Bos heat treat – the same stuff that appears on lots of their most esteemed models, including the legendary 110. Here, however, the Buck of the Month version gets bumped up to 12C27N. This is a solid steel choice, especially in a kitchen knife role, as it is easy to maintain while delivering good edge retention – and all of these positive qualities are elevated by a Bos heat treat of its own. Then there’s the handle scales, which are made from ebony wood sourced from Taylor Guitars’s Ebony Project.

There’s something about kitchen knives in particular that makes them great Christmas gifts. If this 931 is something you want to gift to a loved one (or yourself), you should snap one up quickish. The run is limited to just 500 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: November 2022 Buck of the Month 931

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