Hogue Establishes Collector Series with Three Souped up Models

Hogue Knives just debuted their new Collector Series this week, giving two of their existing models some fancy upgrades and releasing these souped up variants alongside their newest automatic, the Counterstrike.

These Collector Series releases can be broadly split into two parts. The first part consists of the Deka and K320 models and their attendant variations. These knives have received the same upgrades and detailing across the board: that is, full, contoured carbon fiber scales, CPM-20CV, and blue ano’d titanium hardware. The Collector Series Deka, which can be had in both wharnie and clip blade flavors, also comes with glow-in-the-dark tritium inserts on the crossbar of its ABLE Lock mechanism; meanwhile the K320 (also appearing here in two blade profiles: drop point or tanto) goes for a more muted, all-black crossbar.

The three models that comprise the Hogue Collector Series

Meanwhile, the Counterstrike, Hogue’s latest OTF automatic knife, joins the Collector Series in the only variation of the knife available as yet. It too has the full carbon fiber scales, which give this mid-size auto a pleasingly light weight of 2.75 oz., as well as the blue anodized titanium hardware. However, there are no tritium inserts here, and the 3.5-inch spear dagger blade is made from CPM MagnaCut rather than 20CV (by the way, Hogue was among the earlier adopters of Larrin Thomas’s MagnaCut, implementing it on standard runs of the Deka in the past). That dagger blade, by the way, is dagger-ground, so be aware if you’re in a locale where that isn’t legal.

The Deka model comes from the mind of custom maker Allen Elishewitz, who has been a part of the Hogue Knives project since the very beginning, in fact creating the very first models for the label in the dim and ancient year of 2016. The Counterstrike and K320 are the work of Jim Bruhns, Master Tool Maker and President of Hogue Knives.

All of the Hogue Collector Series knives are available now, just in time for the holiday season. Hogue tells us they will continue to produce these variations in periodic batches and fulfill backorders as they arise during those periods; they also plan to add additional models to the Collector Series as time goes on.

Knife in Featured Image: Hogue Collector Series Deka

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