Blade Show 2021: MKM’s Newest Knife Releases During the Show

Maniago Knife Makers, a cooperative brand from Lionsteel, Viper, Mercury, and Fox, has just released its latest model, the Edge. The edge is the first non-multitool slipjoint knife in the MKM catalog.

Bruno Bruna, AKA Graciùt, designed the Edge for MKM, drafting a small EDC knife, modern in nearly every way except for its slipjoint mechanism. The Edge’s 2.95-inch blade could be described as a tanto wharncliffe: it has the straight main edge of a wharnie, and a very low slung secondary edge that definitely qualifies it for the tanto designation, but drops the tip almost as low as it would be on a regular wharncliffe. The blade is made from M390 super steel and flat ground, so even with its unusual looks it falls into the conventional EDC role of most slipjoints. A series of four circular holes in the blade, placed close together where a nail mark would be on a traditional slipjoint, function in very much the same way, providing traction for two-handed opening.

The handle, too,departs from any approximation of old-fashioned slipjoint design. This is very much a modern folder’s handle, with an angular humpback profile and pronounced skeletonization. The scales themselves are made either from aluminum (in blue, orange, black, or green), or titanium, in plain sandblast gray or bronze anodization. The aluminum models are significantly lighter than the titanium ones, weighing 1.95 oz. compared to 2.57 oz. The Edge does go for the clipless style of most slipjoints, but comes with a leather sheath outfitted with a magnetic pocket loop.

Rear view of the Edge’s sheath

Bruno Bruna is custom maker whose work varies from rustic, bone-handled fixed blades to modern folders to highly ornate fantasy-style daggers. This is the first knife design that Bruna has produced for MKM, and indeed his first production knife design ever.

Of the four companies that comprise MKM, only Fox is showcasing at Blade Show this year, at Booth 349. There is no dedicated MKM booth either, but the Edge will be on display at GPKnives’s booth, number 549.

Knife in Featured Image: Bronze Titanium MKM Edge