Blade Show 2023: Andrew Demko Wows with Megalo-Lock

While we tend to focus on the production knife releases at Blade Show, the mid-year event is just as, if not more, important for custom knives. One of the early highlights on that front comes from Andrew Demko. Meet the Megalo-Lock, an absolutely enormous custom that has Demko fans chomping at the bit.

Demko is not one to shy away from the XXL folders. His production design record with Cold Steel includes such famous monstrosities as the 4-MAX, the Spartan, and, of course, the Espada series. The Megalo-Lock falls right in line with these giants, with an absolutely massive 5.5-inch blade done up with a wicked hollow grind that looks like it would be an extraordinarily potent slicer.

The Megalo-Lock and its Blade Show sibilings

Now in terms of locking mechanism, the Megalo-Lock appears to use a scaled-up version of the Shark Lock. This is Demko’s latest mechanical innovation, an ambidextrous locking device with a spring-loaded arm that moves up and then over into place when the knife is opened. That device is contained in an appropriately massive handle. This handle, in the Blade Show piece, is made entirely from titanium, textured and anodized a deep aqua blue.

The Megalo-Lock will be going up for auction at Blade Show. It is part of a spread of custom knives intended for the show, including an AD-20 with a tanto blade and, on the other end of the size spectrum, the AD-20 Compact.

Knife in Featured Image: Demko Knives Megalo-Lock

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