Blade Show 2023: GiantMouse REO Kicks Off Big Weekend for the Shop

Blade Show 2023 was a big weekend for GiantMouse, as the company debuted their second MagnaCut folder on Friday, the REO. The REO is a mid-sized workhorse made from the most popular powder metallurgy steel on the block.

The REO’s spear blade is narrow by GiantMouse standards and, at 3.325 inches, one of the larger in the ever-expanding ACE lineup (the ACE series began as a lower-priced alternative to GiantMouse’s small batch GM series; these days it’s arguably the main part of the company’s output, consisting of more than a dozen releases at this point). The REO blade is full flat ground and opened with the angled, comet-like thumb hole; like most of what GiantMouse puts out it looks tailor-made for everyday cutting jobs.

The blade steel should please all our fellow enthusiasts out there, as it marks the second appearance of MagnaCut in the GiantMouse lineup. Appearing on everything from custom stuff, to the Sebenza, to Kershaw pieces, MagnaCut is still, two years after its release, the talk of the metallurgical town. Creator Larrin Thomas intended it to be the ideal EDC steel, so it really is a perfect fit for the REO as well.

The G-10 model is just a tad heavier than the Micarta ones

GiantMouse centers around design collaborations by Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso, Denmark’s two most prominent knife makers; and the REO’s handle looks like an elongated version of the one we saw on the CRKT Piet, designed by Voxnaes back in 2020. You can get the REO with scales made from Canvas Micarta, either Denim or Green-hued, or black G-10. The weight for the Micarta models is 2.7 oz., and 2.9 for the G-10 variety; all three come with the same line standard loop over wire clip.

The REO wasn’t the only significant bit of GiantMouse news out of Blade Show. The GMX, which the company released back in February, took home Overall Knife of the Year during the show’s annual award ceremony. Congrats to GiantMouse, and stay tuned for a complete Blade Show Awards recap later this week!

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse REO

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