BladeRunners Systems and BladeHQ Bring First Bali Royal Showdown to BLADE Show

Presented by BladeRunners Systems

BladeRunners Systems, recognized as a leading production balisong brand, will be hosting the first ever Bali Royal Showdown at BLADE Show 2017. The event will offer the greatest balisong flippers in the world a stage to demonstrate their insane skills and compete for prizes and bragging rights. The Bali Royal Showdown is not only an intense competition among the best of the best, but it’s also a thrilling exhibition of skills that you’ll never see anywhere else.

Battles and contests have long been a part of the online balisong community, with showdowns occurring on forums and via social media. “Competition is definitely familiar to those mastering the art of the balisong,” BladeRunners Systems’ Lawrence Ho tells us. Ho cut his teeth in the digital balisong community and built up BladeRunners Systems along with co-founder Edward Anthonis there. A skilled flipper himself, Ho explains that the live format will spur competing flippers to push their skills to the limit and test their mettle in a high adrenaline situation. “Competing in person challenges them to execute tricks live, with fewer attempts and time than performing in front of a camera.”

The competition begins with a trick-for-trick showdown, progresses into timed trick sessions, and ends with a final 30-second freestyle competition between the two finalists. “Each round showcases a different way of competitive flipping. The audience will really see the whole gamut,” Ho tells us. In addition to being crowned the Ultimate Champ, the winner will receive a limited edition Alpha Beast Infinity and a custom-made plaque (shown below). To add fuel to what already promises to be a phenomenal atmosphere, BladeHQ and other event sponsors will also be pitching in hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes for participants and spectators alike.

Bali Royal Champions' Plaque

By holding the event at BLADE Show, BladeRunners Systems aims to introduce flipping to a wider audience and get more people excited about the balisong world. “The aim is to expose and educate the general knife community and public at large about the balisong and flippers who engage in the sport,” Ho says. Prior to the competition, BladeRunners Systems will present a brief introduction to balisongs and host a Q&A to bring everyone up to speed.

The Bali Royal Showdown will be held on Saturday, June 3rd at 11:30 am in the exterior courtyard of the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta. If you aren’t able to make it to BLADE Show this year, you can still catch highlights of the event on BladeRunners Systems‘ and BladeHQ‘s social media channels.

Bali Royal Showdown 2017