Is this the REAL Nick Shabazz? Possible Blade Show Sighting!

Since Blade Show 2016, YouTuber and star of Knife Gripes Nick Shabazz has emerged as one of the most talked about figures in the knife world. The notoriety has left many to speculate about whether ‘Nick Shabazz’ is a stage name and whether his annoying, nasally voice is just a schtick. Adding to the mystery, Nick has never revealed his face in his videos which raises another question – what does the real Nick Shabazz look like?

When Nick announced he was going to Blade Show 2017, we knew our best chance of getting some answers would be this weekend and it appears we may be close to cracking the case.

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KnifeNews writers on the ground and several Blade Show bystanders believe they may have encountered the real Nick Shabazz. At the Wiha Tools booth, our people spotted a short, middle aged, balding man, wearing an Omega watch and gold bracelet – flicking a blue Norseman flipper.

“I approached him and asked if he was Nick Shabazz,” a junior KnifeNews writer reports. “The man opened his mouth, but thinking twice before speaking, turned and ran toward the Chris Reeve Knives booth.”

This is the best image we were able to capture. UFO pics are gonna UFO pic…

Nick Shabazz?

If you’re at Blade Show and believe you’ve experienced a Nick Shabazz sighting we want to hear from you. Please call our hotline at 888-875-7888 or email us at