Böker Creates New Kitchen Knives That Welcome a Patina

Böker‘s latest project is the Patina series, a small line of cooking knives that emphasizes the heirloom quality of the company’s Solingen, Germany-made products. Three knives are on the way, with one special variant releasing alongside.

The Patina series takes its name from the blade steel used on all three knives: Böker settled on O1, a carbon steel that brings strong edge retention and toughness to the table. Like all carbon steels O1 can oxidize when exposed to acidic foods and meat. This nearly unavoidable patina coating provides some natural resistance to rust, but also a certain aesthetic. Each patina is unique to the individual knife, and Böker is encouraging users to embrace the oxidization process with these blades.

All three Patina knives are full tang and come with either curly birch or chestnut burl scales. These scales echo the individuality of the patina, as each scale of this natural material will be unique in grain and texture.

Office Knife

The term ‘office knife’ isn’t a commonly used one, and it might not sound like it belongs in a kitchen at all. But an office knife is really just a paring knife, and Böker’s Patina Office Knife certainly has the appropriately svelte dimensions, with a 4.21-inch blade that tapers into a spear point-ish profile. This lets the Office Knife handle the more delicate chores of the kitchen while still remaining large enough to function in all purpose slicing and dicing.

Carving Knife

The Carving Knife takes the general shape of the Office Knife and scales it up. It has a 8.27-inch blade, ready to work the particular chores associated with meat preparation – but again, as with the Office Knife, the non-denominational blade shape means that the Carving Knife can shift into a wide variety of culinary chores as needed.

Chef’s Knife

No kitchen knife set is complete without a Chef’s Knife, and Böker turned out a very classical one for the Patina series. In terms of blade length it’s on the smaller side; in fact, at 8.46 inches it’s not that much longer than the Carving Knife. But the broad, Western-style blade shape gives the Chef’s Knife some additional horse power for general food prep chores. A special variation with a damascus blade is also available

The damascus variant is available now. The rest of the series is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Patina Series Chef’s Knife