Summit Knife Co. Follows Up Half Dome with El Capitan

Young enterprise Summit Knife Co. is on the cusp of releasing its second model, El Capitan. This knife once again takes advantage of Tommaso Rumici‘s design talent and is geared towards big cutting chores.

With the Half Dome, their first release, Summit approached the common EDC category from an unconventional angle. Everything about the knife from tip to tail was just a little bit different that what users were used to, even if they came together to form a traditionally functional everyday tool.

The El Capitan is starting from a more conventional place design-wise. As its swaggering name would indicate, this is a knife intended for big cutting chores. El Capitan’s blade length is 3.94 inches; it takes the broad profile that we saw on the smaller Half Dome and repurposes it into a drop point shape, ready to pierce and slice. For steel users can choose between M390 or D2, the rugged semi-stainless that, despite its relative age in the knife world, is seeing a major resurgence in recent years. El Capitan’s blade is opened with the same triangular cutout as the Half Dome.

Handle-wise things are dead simple. The overall shape is a bracket, with a finger guard and parrot beak framing the user’s hand. The front scale can be made from G-10, Micarta, or bronze. El Capitan is produced by Fox Knives in Maniago, Italy, and like some of their popular models it uses an aluminum frame lock with a stainless steel interface. El Capitan carries with a standard stamped clip, that can be reversed to the other side if desired.

Rumici has made his presence known in 2020, with a flurry of releases coming from multiple directions. The most recent Rumici design to hit the shelves was the multifunctional Ferox fixed blade, also produced by Fox and sold under their own label.

Knife in Featured Image: Summit Knife Co. El Capitan