Tommaso Rumici Returns to Viper with Fixed Blade Twofer

Viper Knives is rolling out its latest production collaboration with maker Tommaso Rumici, the Berus series. This is a pair of fixed blade designs that approach daily cutting roles with two different blade shape options.

No matter which Berus users choose, they will end up with a sub-3 inch EDC fixed blade. The Berus 1 is a relatively wide, stubby drop point, measuring 2.64 inches long. Meanwhile the Berus 2 is a 2.44-inch sheepsfoot, also wide and also flat ground. Both the Berus 1 and the Berus 2 feature the same steel: M390 stainless. An ideal choice for an EDC-style blade, M390 blends high edge retention and corrosion resistance. Those positive qualities come with some added difficulty in terms of sharpening and a reduced toughness, but the tradeoff is a good one for most everyday cutting chores.

Rumici’s handle designs always benefit from no-nonsense, unencumbered linework. Both Berus knives have the same handle: a mild arc, with a single finger groove cut into the center of the handle – farther back than might be expected, almost functioning as a balancing point. At the butt end of the knife Rumici cut out an oversized lanyard hole. There are three different handle scale options for the Beruses. Users can go for tan canvas Micarta, gray Canvas Micarta, or marbled carbon fiber. For the sheath, Rumici and Viper created a typical Kydex number. The weight of either Berus is 3.35 oz.

The Berus knives will be the first new for 2020 product to be available from Viper. The company had a relatively svelte lineup at SHOT; alongside the Beruses they also debuted the Katla, a new flipper knife from Jesper Voxnaes with a tanto blade shape that is unusual both for the company and for the designer.

Rumici has been a consistent presence in the production knife field for years. In terms of sheer numbers, 2020 might be his most prolific year yet. In addition to the Berus knives, Rumici is also the mind behind several of the new for 2020 Steel Will designs and the Summit Knife Co. Half Dome.

The Berus 1 and 2 are available now in Europe for €105.65 and €107.26, respectively. They are still unavailable in North America.

Knife in Featured Image: Viper Knives Berus 1