Dylan Mallery Creates Slipjoint for Artisan Cutlery

Dylan Mallery, the up-and-coming designer who made his production knife debut with Artisan Cutlery just last year, is back for another production collaboration with the company: the Biome. The Biome is a slipjoint model that exhibits Mallery’s developing style.

The dimensions of the Biome make it clear that this one is designed for EDC. The blade measures 2.82 inches long, with a classic-feeling drop point shape, ideal for the sort of cutting chores someone might encounter day-to-day; and in terms of hardiness it should be able to stand up to medium weight duties if the need arises.

While the Biome certainly looks modern, Mallery hewed to the most traditional method of opening: a nail mark. The mark is cut into the show side only; enough of the blade is exposed in the closed position to allow for pinch-opening as well. A standard spring set up provides tension during opening and closing, but the Biome does benefit from Artisan’s modern proclivities in its pivot, which turns on ceramic ball bearings.

Mallery’s debut design with Artisan was the Archaeo. That knife showcased an eye for racy, streamlined handle design; and while the Biome is overall a more subdued design, the lineage is still clear in the ergonomics department. Its handle is a slim arc shape, terminating in a back end parrot beak; an echo of the Archaeo’s profile in a less pronounced fashion. On the blade channel side, beneath the pivot, a small finger groove has been added for additional control and comfort while working with the knife.

The Biome isn’t part of Artisan’s subsidiary CJRB label, but it does come with material specifications and a price tag in line with CJRB’s budget-conscious ethos. Artisan selected 12C27N for the blade steel, which should provide evenly-balanced performance across all the usual categories. The G-10 handle scales come in a suite of different color options, and users can jump up to carbon fiber scales for a commensurate jump up in the price.

This is Mallery’s second production knife design to hit the market, but the maker already has other blades on the way. Another Artisan release called the Centros has been spotted, and Mallery also teased another folding knife collaboration, this time with Civivi. And while the Biome is Mallery’s first slipjoint model, in February Artisan showed a non-locking variant of the Archaeo that could be secured with an included, removable pin.

Knife in Featured Image: Artisan Cutlery Biome