Victorinox Releases Limited Edition Hunter Pro and Alox Models

A new Damast run of the Victorinox Hunter Pro is appearing alongside the company’s annual special coloration of three core Alox knife products. The Hunter Pro Damast is the largest folding knife blade Victorinox has ever made from damascus.

Hunter Pro Damast

The Hunter Pro is a Victorinox product that falls outside of their bread and butter Swiss Army knife format. Designed to be a simple, do-all outdoors or possibly a large EDC folder, it has a 3.8-inch blade rendered as a sinuous modified drop point. The edge profile is one gentle curve from base to tip, providing the Hunter Pro with plenty of cutting horsepower.

This limited edition maintains all of these features, leaving the design almost entirely unaltered on a fundamental level; although one small change is the absence of a lanyard hole extension the backspacer that is seen on other Hunter Pro models. And while Victorinox did update the Hunter Pro line with the M variant, which comes with a pocket clip, this Limited Edition is of the old school, clipless variety. There are Hunter Pro models with an opening hole but the Damast comes set up as a two-hand opener; and it is equipped with a simple, ambidextrous back lock mechanism.

The most noteworthy differences, however, are all material: most strikingly, the Damast has a blade made from damascus steel. They picked out a topographical pyramid pattern for the damascus, and to further distinguish this version from its standard run peers, they’ve outfitted it with brown alox handle scales.

The Hunter Pro Damast is limited to 6,000 pieces. Each one is serially numbered on the engraving panel on the off-side scale.

Alox Limited Edition 2020 Models

In addition to the Hunter Pro Damast, Victorinox is also rolling out its yearly Alox Limited Edition series. Each year they choose a special color to release three of their most popular alox models – the Classic SD, the Cadet, and the Pioneer – in. This year’s color is Aqua Blue, a pretty distinct difference from last year’s Champagne Gold selection.

As with the Hunter Pro (and virtually all of their limited edition work), Victorinox has not changed the particulars of the models themselves; these are the same reliable multipurpose knives that have been mainstays for years. And whereas the Hunter Pro carries a strict production limit, the Alox Limited Editions will be available on an ongoing basis throughout 2020.

The Hunter Pro Damast and the Alox Limited Edition models are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Hunter Pro Damast