Grzegorz Grabarski’s Irida Bolsters Bestech Lineup

Bestech and Grzegorz Grabarski, AKA Kombou, have formed quite the partnership, and their latest production collaboration is the Irida. The Irida brings Grabarski’s style to a new blade shape and comes in at an unusual price point for Bestech.

It can be hard to sum up Grabarski’s style in a few word. His work mixes technical stylings with a distinct organic angle, resulting in knives that have an aggressive, sinuous, biomechanical look. That look is in full display from tip to tail on the Irida. Its blade is leaf-shaped, consisting almost entirely of a big belly that runs out to a very narrow, very acute tip, lent some additional strength by a secondary grind. The flat ground blade has a fuller cut into it, with an oval hole cut into that.

These unconventional elements actually add up into a knife that is ready for everyday cutting chores of the light-to-medium class. Bestech chose 14C28N blade steel. This is a stainless with a balanced suite of characteristics, and should provide a change of pace for users looking for something other than the de facto D2 option. The Irida, like virtually all Bestech releases, runs on a ball bearing pivot. It is designed to be opened with its flipper; the cutout in the blade is primarily decorative.

The unusual blade is mated to an equally eye-catching handle. Grabarski settled on an arch shape for the profile, but the multilayered machining, finger cutout, and a depression behind the blade spine give it an alien, otherworldly look. A choil at the base of the blade itself also provides a place for users to choke up on for any cutting job requiring delicacy.

Like many companies, Bestech has its budget and premium releases. Interestingly, the Irida falls somewhere between the two. According to the company, the price tag for this one will fall somewhere between $105 and $130, depending on which handle material a buyer chooses. Bestech is also taking advantage of the Irida’s (relatively) higher price point to play with an additional handle material. There are standard G-10 options, but also a G-10/carbon fiber interlayer option as well. A sculpted pocket clip is another unexpected premium element at play on this knife.

Grabarski has been on quite the tear with Bestech. He has put out a spate of designs, including the Kasta and the Wibra. According to Bestech, the Irida is on its way to dealers now.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Irida