Bestech Continues Big Collaborator Push

Bestech Knives has leveraged the talents of two outside collaborators for the newest additions to their lineup, the Shodan and Kasta. In keeping with Bestech’s recent emphasis on knife maker partnerships the inbound blades exhibit the differing styles of the designers who originated them.


The Shodan [pictured above] is the latest from YouTuber-turned-knife-designer Teryl Todd (AKA Zelrick42) and his brother Seth, who together form Todd Knife and Tool. Fittingly for a knife that shares a name with the villain of classic sci-fi horror PC game System Shock 2, the Shodan showcases a sophisticated, techy look; Teryl tells us that the final product as a whole is a direct result of collaboration with his viewers and potential customers online. “With the help of our followers on YouTube and Instagram, the Shodan was born. We can’t thank them enough for the positive and negative input that shapes our designs.”

Teryl and Seth developed their take on the leaf blade shape for the Shodan, which opens via flipper or thumb oval. The handle can situate a full four-finger grip on its own, but a generous finger choil has been let into the base of the blade, giving users ample space choke up for additional control. “We designed it to be a knife that people with small or large hands can get a full choked-up grip on and apply pressure to a cut while being safe,” explains Teryl. “Hence the cutting edge starting in front of the forward finger choil and larger-than-normal choil.”

Teryl also alludes to another new knife in the future, one that plays with similar ideas but in a different format. “Another leaf style blade is coming in the future with a more refined, gentlemanly look and no flipper tab.”


Grzegorz Grabarski, also known as Kombou, designed the large titanium frame lock flipper Kasta. The knife plays up the premium elements, with sweeping, milled machine lines on its titanium frame and carbon fiber handle inserts; additionally, the Kasta’s exaggerated cleaver blade shape, opened with either a thumb oval or the flipper tab, is made from M390 blade steel. Like the Shodan the Kasta is a big knife: it’s blade length runs to 3.86 inches.

Bestech has certainly been prioritizing the collaborations as it rounds out 2019. The company’s partners this year include Ostap Hel, Adam Purvis, and Markus Heidgen in addition to TKT and Grabarski. The company has stated that the two new knives are starting to be available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Shodan