CRKT Deploys Limited Edition Provoke

CRKT is unleashing a new coloration of the Joe Caswell Provoke design in time for the holidays. The Imperial Provoke adopts a monochrome color scheme inspired by the iconic villain foot soldiers of the Star Wars movies.

Doug Flagg, VP of Marketing and Innovation at CRKT, tells KnifeNews that the production version of Caswell’s Morphing Karambit proved to be a smash hit. “The Provoke collaboration has been wildly successful for CRKT and designer Joe Caswell and we’re thrilled to launch a new ‘Imperial’ white model this week.”

The mechanics and materials all remain the same: D2 for the blade steel, 6061 aluminum for the articulated chassis featuring the Kinematic locking mechanism. “This new model combines all the benefits that propelled the original to such heights,” Flagg says. “And it’s now offered with an Imperial white Cerakote® H series coating (H-297Q) that pays homage to one of the world’s most beloved space franchises.”

The stark black and white coating doesn’t affect the weight or performance and might add a little bit of durability and corrosion resistance to the Provoke. However, it is primarily an aesthetic upgrade for CRKT fans who also enjoy the Lucas films and want a little bit of stormtrooper energy in their EDC rotation.

CRKT says the Imperial Provoke is available now with an MSRP of $200.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Imperial Provoke