Ostap Hel Returns to Real Steel with Modern Slipjoint

Ostap Hel, one of the key designers in Real Steel‘s collaboration portfolio, is back for another release: the Gslip folder. The Gslip follows in the lineage of Hel’s other RSK designs while standing apart as his first slipjoint contribution.

As a “modern slipjoint,” the Gslip has a little more flexibility in terms of overall size than a slipjoint based on a traditional pattern. Hel bestowed a 3.46-inch drop point blade on his latest design, a thin and narrow blade relative to the knife’s overall length. VG-10 stainless steel an appearance here, which we’ve previously seen in RSK’s lineup only on the S6 folder.

In terms of overall cutting length, the Gslip is virtually on a par with Hel’s best-selling G5 Metamorph model. That means that it will be suited for similar cutting tasks as well. Users will be able open the Gslip in a traditional two-hand manner, with an extended, ambidextrous fuller playing the role of nail mark.

For the handle, Hel hewed close to the clean lines and aerodynamic profiles that have defined his work up until now. The Gslip’s handle scales are made from G-10 (available in multiple colors), sporting wide chamfers on the top and bottom side to aid in grip. Two screws – one for the pivot, one for the back end – and a wire-style deep carry pocket clip keep the hardware needs to an absolute minimum and the weight down: despite its mid-size cutting capabilities the Gslip weighs 2.75 oz.

The Gslip marks Hel’s first new release for RSK in some time. The last piece of work we saw from him was the Tulip, a high end flipper design for Bestech that echoed elements of the Japanese kiridashi. The Gslip looks set to occupy a budget-friendly price point, and will be releasing next week on November 4th.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Gslip