ZT Debuts Ansø Slipjoint at Blade Show West

One of the biggest reveals out of the second annual Blade Show West was the Jens Ansø-designed Zero Tolerance 0230, the first slipjoint design ever to roll out of ZT’s factory.

The 0230 is a descendant of Ansø’s Monte Carlo custom, inheriting that knife’s blade shape, size, and slipjoint construction. The sheepsfoot blade here measures 2.6 inches, making the 0230 the second smallest ZT model ever, just behind the ZT 0022. The good old fashioned nail mark provides a two-hand opening method and is cut only on the show side. ZT provides CPM-20CV for the blade steel, following a trend established by other recent releases.

ZT and Ansø built a slipjoint that functions differently than the standard backspring-style mechanism. Instead, there’s a detent ball setup and two separate detent holes on the blade tang: one to secure it while closed, but a second that functions as a half stop while opening the knife.

For all that the slipjoint construction is a departure for ZT, the handle materials and construction have remained in familiar territory. The scales are carbon fiber with inset liners, and the backspacer is blue anodized aluminum. Phosphor bronze washers keep the action smooth and blade centered. Although the custom Monte Carlo comes with a sculpted titanium pocket clip, the 0230 is completely clipless; all in, it weighs 1.8 oz.

The 0230 is also the least expensive folder to release from ZT this year. Other recent releases like the 0022 and 0223 sticker for $200+, the 0230’s MSRP is set at $180. It is on its way to dealers now.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0230