Hinderer Refits LP-1 with Wharncliffe Blade

Rick Hinderer Knives is giving their fixed blade lineup some love with a new version of the LP-1. The LP-1 Wharnie retains the same general size and purpose as its predecessor, but the swapped blade shape does change how it approaches those applications.

The original LP-1 debuted with a stout, strong, stubby drop point blade shape. It was a small, versatile knife that blended the strength and reliability of fixed blade construction with the footprint and applications of an EDC folder. The LP-1 Wharnie retains all of these traits, although its Wharncliffe blade is just a tad longer than the drop point original, coming in at 2 inches even compared to 1.75 inches on its predecessor. It also gives users a more acute tip and different cutting geometry as it doesn’t offer any of the curvature of a drop point shape.

While there are larger options in the Hinderer lineup (both fixed blade and folding) for heavy duty chores, the company has always emphasized durability. To that end the LP-1 Wharnie is cut from .125″ S35VN blade stock – thick enough to make it a rugged little tool but thin enough to keep the weight down; Hinderer pins the knife’s weight at just about an ounce.

Ergonomically, the LP-1 Wharnie’s handle can be broken up into three separate facets, each designed to accommodate a different part of the user’s grip. The LP-1 is heavily skeletonized and scaleless, although Hinderer does offer a paracord wrap option for those so interested.

The LP-1 Wharnie isn’t the only line extension Hinderer instituted this year. In February the company debuted the Vintage Series with an XM-18 made from old school materials; a small XM-18 3″ model followed later in the year.

Hinderer says that the LP-1 Wharnie is shipping to dealers this week and will be available shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Rick Hinderer Knives LP-1 Wharnie