Gareth Bull Makes Production Shamwari at Last

Gareth Bull has revealed that he is working on a production version of his modern classic Small Shamwari folder. Affectionately dubbed the Shamweri, knife is being made by the super prolific We Knife Co. and carries over all the iconic elements of Bull’s custom original.

Bull says his shop knew they needed to find a way to get more Shamwaris into the world. “At best we can make 36 handmade Shams per month and we’re nowhere near meeting demand at that level. We’ve been asked for a long time to look into a production version.” He goes on to explain that We was a standout option for an OEM partner. “Jason and I have liked their work from the first time we laid eyes on it. They use quality materials and have a well earned reputation for quality in the final product.”

On a design level, the Shamweri functions as a clean, all-purpose EDC folder. The blade length on the production version aligns with the custom predecessor at 3 inches; Bull’s super clean drop point shape has of course been retained as well. Blade steel on customs from Bull is usually M390, but the production model will be sporting CPM 20CV. Many knives use a front flipper now, but Bull’s knife was among the first, and this mass produced model carries that element forward too. Rolling the thumb back over the tab causes the knife to open, and a frame lock keeps the blade secure during use.

Although the Shamweri is produced by We, the company is functioning as an OEM and the knife is marked and sold as a Gareth Bull Knives product. Bull says this is the first time a Shamwari has ever been made by someone other than himself and his brother Jason. “It’s very strange to hold a Shamwari I didn’t make,” he admits. “I think makers tend to be critical of their own work, I generally look at my own knives as a set of components we made, where I could see the WE version as a single unit.”

Bull tells us there were two obvious questions customers have had regarding the Shamweri: “We’ve had a lot of call for two things in particular: lefty versions and a larger version,” he says. “Depending on the success of this run we’ll definitely look into a run of the 3.5″ a little further down the road.”

The Shamweri is in the prototype phase right now, being readied for the full run. It will be sold through Bull directly. No final release date or price has been given at this time, but Bull says we can expect it to be under $300.

Knife in Featured Image: Production Small Shamwari