Maverick Customs Crafts First Production Knife with Kizer

James Buckley of Maverick Customs, known for his relatively affordable take on durable custom fixed blades, is making his work even more accessible with the Harpoon, a Kizer Cutlery collaboration.

The Harpoon is positioned as a new entry in that burgeoning field of EDC-ready fixed blades. The start of the show is its 3.8-inch blade. Its shape is an elongated drop point, one that almost channels Western chef knife proportions and geometry. The big swedge gives credence to the Harpoon’s name, and a dip in the blade spine behind that swedge provides a place for users to index a finger for guidance during cutting tasks. In short, the designs choices add up to something capable of handling all that a folder could and, possibly, more.

This is a knife that adheres to carryable dimensions while bulking up on toughness; thus the blade stock is hearty and the Harpoon is made from 1095 carbon steel. We’ve seen 1095 on a few Kizer releases before this such as the Salient and the Little River Bowie; naturally Buckley wanted the steel for its inherent durability and ease of maintenance.

The Harpoon’s handle is as simple as could be: running straight back from the blade and terminating in a pointed butt end, the fact that it doesn’t arc down keeps the user’s fingers clear of cutting surfaces; it is another element of Harpoon that takes a cue from chef’s knife design. Buckley’s Harpoon is of course full tang, and Kizer implemented contoured, removable Micarta scale on top of the frame. For retention and carry Buckley conceived of a scout carry-style kydex sheath that can also be adapted for other orientations.

Kizer says that the Harpoon is slated for a release in the middle of December, but no final price has been settled on at this time. The Harpoon may be the last major release of 2019 for Kizer, who also recently put out the Quell.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Cutlery Harpoon