Serge Panchenko Makes Thorn Gen3 for December

Serge Panchenko is bringing out the latest generation of his Thorn folding knife in time for the end of the year. The Thorn Gen3 is a noticeable departure from its predecessors, with a new handle design and blade shape among other changes.

The Thorn clearly hails from the same design family as other Panchenko projects: it’s a tiny, pocketable, EDC folder that straddles the boundaries between collectible and utility-driven custom knife. The Thorn Gen2 had a wharncliffe blade, but the Thorn Gen3 leads with a cleaver shape that runs to 2 inches on the nose and is made from AEB-L blade steel. The cleaver has been chisel ground and opens and closes without a detent or lock; Panchenko says that the knife maintains a safe level of rigidity through a tight pivot construction that provides the necessary friction, both during opening/closing and while in use.

Panchenko gave the handle a redraw as well. The Thorn Gen3’s lone scale is made from titanium, and a raised half-scale or spacer functions as a stop for the blade and can be made from either G-10, copper, or Micarta. The G-10 is bright orange but both the copper and the Micarta options echo the antique, subdued look of the rest of the Thorn Gen3.

The Thorn Gen3 is a custom piece, made and produced by Panchenko himself in the style he is known for, but Serge Knife Co., the production side of Panchenko’s brand, is still running along and has some new releases inbound. A new production slipjoint with an elongated sheepsfoot blade is on the way.

No ETA has been given for the Serge Knife Co. slipjoint, but the Thorn Gen3s are slated to be shipped out next month. Preorders are open now.

Knife in Featured Image: Serge Knives Thorn Gen3