Serge Panchenko Founds New Production Label

Serge Panchenko is launching his own production label, Serge Knife Co. He hopes to use Serge Knife Co. to increase accessibility to his designs and expand the range of Panchenko models available at a production level.

The label will put out products at a price point and style that strikes a balance between Panchenko’s custom work and the products already available through his collaborations with Böker and Spyderco. The first two releases will be the Coin Claw Gen2 and the Bean. “I’ve decided to use the best possible materials, so the blades are M390, handles are titanium or carbon fiber and all hardware including screws is titanium,” Panchenko explains.

Work Sharp

Both debut models can be had in multiple configurations. Users may be surprised to find out that, despite the top-tier materials, the actual price for the releases will be grounded. “The MSRP of the first two models will be around $100,” Panchenko says. “The target price range of all future models will be $100- $200.” He also tells us that we can expect new knives to be added to the Serge Knife Co. catalog on a regular basis. “I plan on offering new production models regularly. The next two projects will be the Thorn Gen3 and a traditional-style slipjoint.”

This new avenue to purchase production versions of Panchenko’s knives shouldn’t occlude his offerings from Spyderco or Boker. “I don’t think they will be affected as I’m offering different models,” he notes. And Panchenko believes they’ll have a positive effect on his custom work: with the production process freeing up some time to focus on R&D, we may see new custom Panchenko knives soon – and he wants to level up his already-renowned detail work too. “The production line will allow me more time to produce new designs, and to offer more intricate customs.”

Panchenko is working with the same OEM that produced the Böker Lancer. He has said on the new Serge Knife Co. Instagram account to expect the first batch of Beans and Coin Claws to hit in late December.

Knives featured in image: Serge Knife Co. Coin Claw Gen2