Spyderco Adopts New Reveal Strategy with 2019 Product Guide

One of the last big knife events of the year is the winter release of the Spyderco Product Guide. The catalogs are always massive behemoths and can contains a dozen or more new product reveals. But this year, Spyderco surprised fans by revealing they would be changing their marketing strategy, which means a different kind of product guide from here on out.

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In short, Spyderco will be using the winter guide to advertise only those knives which are already out or ready for imminent release. In a special note at the beginning of the guide, Spyderco elaborates on their thought process:

“After careful consideration of today’s market expectations, we’ve decided to start doing things differently. Our yearly product guide will now focus on products that are in active inventory and ready, or almost ready, to be purchased. Our new products will then be announced throughout the year on a dedicated page of our web site [spyderco.com/reveal] and in a number of printed ‘New Product Reveals.’”

According to Spyderco, the new reveal protocol should help narrow the window between a product’s debut and when it will be actually available. For a lot of Spyderco collectors the anticipation of new models is part of the fun, but sometimes that wait can go on for years after a knife first appears in the product guide. Additionally, for newer fans not used to the process, the wait can cross the line from enjoyable to frustrating, or even confusing. Spyderco hopes to curb that disappointment with the staggered reveal schedule. “We are confident that this new method will allow us to share the excitement of our new products while keeping the time between their announcement and actual availability as short as possible,” they write.

Knife featured in image: Spyderco Kapara