SOG Joins Forces with New Marketing Partner

SOG is partnering with sales and marketing firm Outtech Inc. to help inspire and manage its growth as a company.

Outtech serves the outdoors market, which knives and gear often thrive in. In the official announcement, the company writes that the partnership will affect operations across the board: expect more appearances at trade shows, a new pace to reveals/previews of new product, and a renovated system for taking orders. “From our side, we’re in the process of reconfiguration of our product line and need an external sales force that will help reflect the new direction we’re taking,” says SOG’s Vice President of Sales Chas Fisher.

That reconfiguration has been hinted at before, but SOG is still keeping the full implications under wraps. “What really is taking center stage in the back half of this year will be preparation for 2020, where you’ll observe a significant change on how we approach the knife, tool, and gear markets,” says Vice President of Marketing Jonathan Wegner.

SOG is one of only a handful of enthusiast-friendly knife companies that also is known widely in more mainstream markets. Their products appear on the shelves of many big box stores. Does the new partnership with Outtech mean we’ll see more of this? “It’s not so much about being in more stores as it about being in the right stores,” Fisher explains. “It’s about getting the right fit, and if that means more doors are open, that’s fantastic, as long as we’re growing smartly.”

Knife in Featured image: SOG Spec Elite II Auto