Böker Collaborates with Serge Panchenko on Lancer

Böker just introduced the Böker Plus Lancer, a lightweight mid-sized EDC blade that makes a Serge Panchenko custom design more accessible to mainstream buyers. Well known for his eccentric designs like the Dog Tag Flipper and the Spyderco Dog Tag Folder, Panchenko says the Lancer showcases his skills working in a more conventional mode. “Its design primarily focuses on usability and practicality instead of an unusual design.”

The Lancer’s 440C spear point is 3” long, but it weighs just 2.4 oz. thanks to a thin G-10 construction and a titanium liner lock. “I designed the Lancer to be an excellent EDC,” Panchenko tells us. “Users have the option to carry this full-size knife weighing far less than many others in the same size range.”

An oval cutout allows for easy one-handed deployment but Panchenko incorporated a second method that users might not notice right away. It isn’t advertised in the official product literature, but the extended tang is intended to operate as a front flipper. “With a little practice, the blade can also be flipped out using your thumb against it,” he says.

Panchenko says using titanium for the liner lock and pocket clip were also deliberate choices. “Not only do you have an extremely tough material, but also reduced weight and complete corrosion resistance,” he explains. “In my opinion, the only part of a folding knife to utilize steel should be the blade.”

The Lancer is based off a custom of the same name. Originally drawn up in August of 2014, Panchenko made a handful of custom Lancers before sending the design to Böker in Solingen. The Lancer is often thought to be a spinoff of Panchenko’s smaller Bean slipjoint but he says it’s the other way around. “I’ve seen many comments online by customers who think the Lancer is a locking version of my Bean model,” he says. “In actuality, the reverse is true. The Bean model was created four months after the Lancer, borrowing heavily from its design.”

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Hailing from Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine but now living in Sacramento, California, Panchenko started making knives in 2008. He began as many makers do, designing and producing fixed blades. But he quickly broke into an unconventional direction that he reckons is a big part of his success. “As time went by, my primary focus became to offer unusual designs that cannot be found elsewhere,” he tells us. “Though I have to admit, this is in part because I get bored easily.”

The Lancer is on its way to knife dealers and is already available directly from Böker at an MSRP of $94.95.

Knife featured in image: Böker Plus Lancer