Tashi Bharucha Introduces Integral Carbon Fiber Friction Folder

Knife maker Tashi Bharucha is introducing a new custom knife called the Logan, a friction folder featuring an integral carbon fiber handle and a claw-like hawkbill blade. The project began after a chance acquisition of carbon fiber and resulted in a limited run of knives that pushed Bharucha’s workshop to the limit.

The Logan’s 3.5″ RWL-34 blade began life as a wharncliffe in keeping with modern trends, but over time evolved into something different. “I actually designed it as a wharnie first and then decided to make it a hawkbill,” says Bharucha. The change in blade shape is what inspired him to name the knife after the most famous member of the X-Men. “That’s when the name stabbed me in the face! When you see the knife, you can’t help but think of Wolvie’s adamantium claws.”

The Logan's Hawkbill Blade

The Logan is almost 8” in total length, but weighs just 2.2 oz. Bharucha reduced the weight of the integral carbon fiber frame to the bare minimum by forgoing liners and milling holes into the handle. To complement the premium carbon fiber feel, Bharucha is contracting out custom leather sheaths instead of adding a pocket clip.

Bharucha says milling a handle out of a single piece of carbon fiber was a stiff challenge. “It’s faster to mill than titanium but really tough on tools.” The operation even wore out a set of custom carbide end mills. “I ran them through all the handles, I’m pretty sure they couldn’t have handled one more,” he recounts. To pull off the carbon fiber integral handle, Bharucha also had to elongate the Logan’s decorative timascus pivot collar to keep the stop pin in place.

The Logan

This is Bharucha’s third friction folder. In the past friction folders have provided a break from designing titanium frame lock flippers. But, the Logan came about after a recent material purchase. “I had a big piece of thick carbon fiber I had bought at a show,” Bharucha explains. With so much carbon fiber on hand, Bharucha saw an opportunity. “I knew I had to use it for something really cool, so I decided on an integral handle frikkie. Sometimes a whole project can be material driven.”

For many custom makers, friction folders are a way of offering entry-level blades for budget conscious collectors. But, Bharucha warns that the time, equipment, and materials it took to make the Logan will be reflected in the price . “Milling the handle out takes forever and all the bells and whistles like the timascus pivot inserts, as well as the high level of finish I’m putting on them, won’t make them cheap.”

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A final price has yet to be decided but a dozen Logans will be available for sale at shows later this year. Bharucha says we aren’t likely to see a production model of this knife any time soon. “I find this design to be more of a stylistic exercise for me. I didn’t really design it for production and I don’t project what the market wants.” Fans looking for a non-locking Bharucha design should still keep their eyes peeled. Last October, the maker told us a production slipjoint collaboration with Fox Knives is in the works.

Knife featured in image: Tashi Bharucha Logan