Bestech and Adam Purvis Team Up Again for Budget Folder

Bestech Knives has debuted a new budget folder called the Texel. Sized and designed for everyday carry, the Texel comes to users via knife maker Adam Purvis of APurvis Blades.

When we last spoke to Purvis last October, the knife-collector-turned-maker was putting the finishing touches on his first production knife release, the high end Primordial. At the time he also teased a knife called the Ish, which was also produced by Bestech under the name of the Progeny; that knife bears a lot of similarities to the Texel, and was released in a limited production run.

The Texel may be similar to the Ish, but compared to the Primordial it is a different beast from tip to tail. In terms of cutting performance, Purvis fashioned a 3.23-inch wharncliffe blade, which is flat ground and made from D2 blade steel. Everyday cutting chores are this knife’s bread and butter, and users open the blade via a ball bearing-powered flipper tab.

Although the Texel is similar to the Ish in terms of the length and shape of its cutting edge, it differs in its handle design, incorporating a large finger finger choil and flat G-10 handle scales rather than titanium ones. Bestech first showed off bright orange for the handle scale colors, but Purvis has showcased other colors on his Instagram account: yellow, black, and jade green. He equipped the Texel with a liner lock mechanism and a simple clip that follows the mild curve of the handle.

The Texel is expected to be available soon. No MSRP has been announced at this time but the knife is designed to be budget friendly.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Knives Texel