Fox Knives Puts Out Two Premium Slipjoint Knives

Fox is releasing two new slipjoint knives, the Libar and the Livri. The knives both target the high-end traditional market, share similar dimensions, and incorporate modern materials and elements into fairly classical designs.


The Livri has a distinctive, bulbous blade shape. It blends a mildly curving cutting edge with a dropped, but still pointy, tip, and is sure to put some users in mind of the Benchmade Proper. The Livri’s blade measures 2.75 inches long and is made from M390 blade steel. No nail mark as been cut into this blade, so a standard, unaided pinch will be the primary method of opening the Livri when something needs cutting.

Fox drew up a rounded handle shape for the Livri: all soft lines, no hard edges, with a small lanyard hole bored through the back end. Fox is rolling out the Livri in multiple cover material options: green Micarta, carbon fiber, or ziricote wood. We’ll see the same options available on the Libar as well.


It would appear that the Libar is Fox’s take on the enduring “sodbuster” style knife, with the classic lines of that pattern’s handle echoed here: a bowed handle that terminates in a pronounced beak – embellished here, as on the Livri, with a lanyard hole. However, instead of the standard sodbuster bullnose blade, the Libar has a racy, dramatic bowie clip, with a mild recurve on its 2.75-inch cutting edge. A run of fine-tooth jimping has been cut into the spine of the satin finished blade. As with the Livri, Fox utilized M390 for the blade steel.

Obviously both the Livri and the Libar are clipless knives, but each comes with a black leather pocket slip for carry. Neither knife has been given a final price tag yet but are expected to arrive shortly both in Europe and in North America.

Knife in Featured Image: Fox Knives Libar