Terrain 365 Debuts Balisong Collab at USN Gathering

Terrain 365 is bringing a new model to the USN Gathering this year, the Mini-Butterfly. This knife is a collaboration with Darriel Caston and is a small balisong designed to take maximum advantage of Terrain 365’s production methods.

Terrain 365 began as a project between knife makers Michael Vagnino and Patrick Ma; the latter came up with the start of this particular knife. “The original design concept is actually a larger size with a 3.5″ weehawk blade,” Ma explains. “The concept design was sitting around for a few years and seemed like a great place to start.” So Terrain 365 reached out to Darriel Caston of D Rocket Design to revise the bali into a smaller format. “We determined the overall working dimensions of the knife and Darriel Caston was able to integrate the Invictus style blade, adjust and shrink down the original into the mini size it is now.”

The idea to make a smaller version originated from the production logistics of working with Terravantium, Terrain 365’s proprietary rust-proof cobalt alloy. “We wanted to see how many blades we could cut out of our standard sized bar stock,” Ma continues. “There’s actually quite a bit of waste when cutting larger folder blades and as the material itself is quite costly, we wanted to achieve a maximum yield from the Terravantium.”

This resulted in a small, portable balisong knife made from premium materials. The Mini-Butterfly has a titanium handle and customers have a choice of two blade materials: either the Terravantium alloy, or more ‘traditional’ M390. Ma is also confident in the Mini-Butterfly’s qualities as a balisong. “For those who like to flip, we think this can fulfill that desire as well,” he notes. “It has the appropriate pivot action for it, but will definitely feel different than full size balis due to its small size and reduced weight and mass.”

The Mini-Butterfly will be made available first to attendees of the USN Gathering, which is going on right now. It will subsequently be available from Terrain 365 direct next week.

Knife in Featured Image: Terrain 365 Mini Butterfly