Victorinox Adds Two More Models to Expanding Wood Collection

Victorinox is continuing its implementation of wooden scales on popular knives this month. The omnipresent Classic SD and the Hiker are the latest two models to join the company’s growing Wood Collection lineup.

Classic SD Wood

The Classic SD is a knife that needs no introduction. For many knife and non-knife people alike it is the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the words “Swiss Army knife.” The iconic tool packs in three main implements: a pair of scissors, a file with a screwdriver tip, and a small, 1.5-inch blade made from Victorinox’s line-standard 1.4110 stainless steel.

The swap to natural, sustainable, low carbon-footprint walnut wood brings an immediate visual change, and a slight reduction in overall tool count; gone are the toothpick and tweezers that are stowed in the cellidor scales of the standard model.

Hiker Wood

Victorinox’s Hiker is part of the 91mm size class, which also includes models like the Camper and tool-packed SwissChamp. Seven different implements fold out from the Hiker Wood’s three-layer construction: large and small blades, a saw, an awl, a 3D screwdriver, and separate can and bottle openers, each of which also comes with a flathead driver built into the tip.

Once again the swap to wood scales means no toothpick or tweezer, but the Hiker Wood does shave a little weight off of the original: it comes in at 2.2 oz. compared to 2.7 oz. for the standard, cellidor scale variation.

This marks the third time this month that Victorinox has put out a knife with wooden scales. The last, at the beginning of the month, was a limited edition Swiss Spirit. Both the Classic SD Wood and Hiker Wood are non-limited, full production models.

Both the Classic SD Wood and the Hiker Wood are available now, for $32.50 MSRP and $50 MSRP, respectively.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Classic SD Wood