Böker Quietly Updates Catalog with Multiple New Models

Böker is giving their catalog a major update, with multiple models appearing in the coming weeks. The stream of releases includes designs from Dave Curtiss and Kansei Matsuno, and a modern traditional that makes use of a new patented lockback.


The Piko is the second collaboration model between Curtiss and Böker after the successful and expansive Nano line. In terms of visuals the Piko appears to model itself after Curtiss’s Nano Flipper ST. However, it takes that small knife and makes it even smaller, with a mini cleaver blade that measures just 1.3 inches in length. The blade’s steel is 440C and it opens via flipper or opening oval.

Böker posits that the Piko may be the smallest folder they’ve ever released; whether or not it beats out every single knife in the company’s massive catalog, the clipless Piko is definitely intended to be unobtrusive: it weighs just 1.5 oz. and has an overall length of 3.54 inches while still managing to incorporate a fully functional stainless steel frame lock.


Böker recently introduced a Kansei Matsuno design in the form of the LRF. That was Matsuno’s second collaboration and now he’s back for the hat trick with the Takara, an EDC knife that once again implements Matsuno’s ‘horned’ front flipper mechanism. This time the opening method reveals a 3.1-inch D2 modified wharncliffe blade showcasing some very EDC-friendly lines.

The Takara is a liner lock knife and is available in three different handle materials: black G-10, carbon fiber, or cocobolo wood. It also has a sculpted stainless steel pocket clip.


Among the collaborations, the in-house designed Genios is also making its debut. This is a new entry in the ‘modern traditional’ category, with a titanium frame, carbon fiber inserts, and a 3-inch wharncliffe blade that is locked into place with a lockback mechanism that Böker has patented: they explain that a new wire bracket keeps the lock functional while reducing the space it takes up in the handle, allowing for more efficient use of space. The Genios weighs 1.7 oz. and comes with VG-10 blade steel.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Plus Genios