Victorinox Carves Out Space for Limited Edition Swiss Spirit

Following on the heels of their commemorative Man on the Moon Tinker, Victorinox is back with their next limited edition, the new Evolution Wood 10 Swiss Spirit.

The standard Evolution Wood 10 gives users a well-rounded suite of tools; Victorinox counts eleven functions in all. The highlights include both the can and bottle opener tools, an awl, and a large main blade made from Victorinox’s standard 1.4110 stainless blade steel. All of the tools and their general configuration carry over to the Swiss Spirit unchanged.

A Victorinox special edition is almost always defined by its handle scales. The Evolution Wood 10 Swiss Spirit is such a release; its sustainably-sourced walnut wood scales showcase an edelweiss flower design laser cut into the flats, front and back. In order to play up this visual element Victorinox gave this version flat scales; the standard Evolution Wood 10 has two large scallops cut into its scales, but the topographical, 3D effect has been left to the side for the Swiss Spirit model.

It appears that the ergonomics have otherwise been left as they were. The Swiss Spirit showcases the same gentle, inward curve that distinguishes it from other, more linear Victorinox models. In this way it occupies a middle ground between the traditional Victorinox shape and the more extreme (in relative terms) deviations, like the Hunter Pro.

The Man on the Moon Tinker launched in a very abbreviated – but thematically sound – run of just 1969 pieces. The Evolution Wood 10 Swiss Spirit benefits from a more generous batch of 5000 pieces, and is available now. MSRP is set at $70 – putting it at nearly complete parity with the standard model.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Evolution Wood 10 Swiss Spirit

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