Custom Knife Factory and Peter Rassenti Ready Second Collaboration

Custom Knife Factory is on the verge of releasing the SNAFU 2.0, its second collaboration with integral knife guru Peter Rassenti.

As with many CKF collaborations, the SNAFU 2.0 utilizes premium materials and a no-holds-barred approach to production knife design to create a faithful adaptation of the maker’s custom piece. The SNAFU is classic Rassenti, from the bold dimensions to its signature integral construction; and all these details are carried over onto the CKF model. The CKF SNAFU 2.0’s imposing, swedged, fullerized drop point blade runs to 3.88 inches in length. The M390 blade does have a blade stop/thumb stud but is meant to be opened with the squareheaded flipper tab.

The last collaboration between CKF and Rassenti was the Satori, which played to Rassenti’s taste for organic, natural lines in his designs. The SNAFU 2.0 goes for a more modern, technical style, composed of hard lines and embellished with a series of four grooves on the show side. An optional Moku-Ti pivot collar and smokewashed steel lockbar insert add some splashes of contrast to the monochromatic look of the knife.

Rassenti is known for many things, but his work with integral handles remains a defining characteristic of his work. This mid-tech SNAFU 2.0 is indeed an integral; the handle is one single piece of titanium, with the only hardware present being that for the pivot and the sculpted titanium clip. When we spoke to him in 2017 Rassenti, who has been making integral knives since 2010, praised them for their strength and that they allowed him to maximize the blade to handle ratio without having to work around extraneous hardware considerations.

According to CKF, the SNAFU 2.0 is one of their most anticipated releases of the year. Those who want one don’t have much longer to wait; the knife is expected to release in August. They will, however, have to act fast: the SNAFU 2.0 is limited to just 400 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: Custom Knife Factory SNAFU 2.0