Discontinued Zero Tolerance Model Gets Two Sprint Runs

Earlier this year Zero Tolerance quietly discontinued a handful of models; as ever the process was dutifully documented by community stalwart RamZar, who also keenly monitors the releases of Spyderco products. Many of these models can still be had from primary dealers if you keep an eye out; and one, the 0920, has just received two new Sprint Runs.

Some discontinued models continue to enjoy some availability long after the official cutting-off point, but sadly the Les George-designed 0920 has not been one of those models. The large folder, based off George’s Harpy custom, carried over much of the look and appeal of the original. It came with milled titanium scales, ball bearing flipper (of course), and a CPM 20CV blade steel; while it wasn’t the first, the 0920 was among the first batch of ZT releases that were a cut above the standard, S35VN range of products.

Other than the novelty of reviving a discontinued model, the two 0920 Sprint Runs bring merely cosmetic changes to the design. The ZT 0920BLUBLK has blue anodized scales and a black coated blade, while the 0920TTS comes with a tan anodization and a tiger stripe blade, which hasn’t been seen on many ZT models since the days of the ZT 0350.

A few other, recently discontinued ZT models are still available to greater and lesser degrees. In case you’re still looking, here they are:

ZT 0055

The ZT0055 was an epoch-making collaboration when it hit the market back in 2017; it was the first time ZT teamed up with Gustavo T. Cecchini of GTC Knives, and the first time his S.L.T. (Spring-Loaded Tab) flipper appeared on a production knife. The results did not disappoint but with the unconventional deployment method and aggressive techno look, the 0055 was always destined for a smaller share of the market than other, more accessible designs

ZT 0850

The 0850 was famously inspired by a very rare collaboration custom between Todd Rexford and Dmitry Sinkevich, two ZT stalwarts. It embodied a lot of what users expect from ZT while at the same time being unlike anything else in their lineup.

ZT 0220

Another all-star collab, the 0220 comes from the mind of Danish maker Jens Anso. Although tamer than some of his previous production collaborations, the 0220 still showcased the Anso style, particularly in its undulating, ergonomic handle.

Knife in Featured Image: ZT 0920BLUBLK and ZT 0920TTS

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