CKF and Alexey Konygin Craft Latest DCPT Knife

Custom Knife Factory debuted their latest project at USN Gathering, a new version of the DCPT folder from Alexey Konygin. Dubbed the DCPT Tano, this is the fifth iteration of the folder and a showcase for CKF’s dedication to ambitious machining.

As an even-more-limited than usual release, the DCPT Tano will likely remain a collector’s piece for most buyers, but as with all CKF releases it does come spec’d for performance. At the heart of the Tano as a tool is a 4.29-inch modified tanto blade. On many tantos, the secondary edge is relegated to a short portion towards the tip, but on the Tano it takes up a little more than half of the overall cutting edge. CKF never stints on steel either and the Tano will be available in S90V, M390, or 20CV.

For as unusual as the blade is, the handle is where CKF and Konygin really cut loose with a design of multiple levels of webbed and honeycombed titanium. Multiple finger grooves have been implemented, each of which is of a fairly wide, shallow character. CKF made the short, wide pocket clip from titanium, and a second timascus version is also included with every Tano. In a rare departure for the typically frame lock-centric CKF, the Tano is a liner lock knife. It weighs 6.53 ounces.

The DCPT is an ever-evolving design for Konygin. Different blade shapes, handle designs, and even overall sizes comprise the DCPT archive: with the DCPT-4, for instance, Konygin created one of the smallest knives in the CKF lineup with a blade length of 3 inches. CKF has also rolled out multiple one-off and customized variations of the DCPT models.

CKF says to expect the DCPT Tanto to be available later this week, September 5th. There will be 400 numbered pieces total: 100 each of 20CV and S90V models, and 200 of the M390 version. The M390 model retails for $970, the 20CV model for $971, and the S90V version for $975.

Knife in Featured Image: Custom Knife Factory DCPT Tano

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