Eleventh Annual USN Gathering Begins Tomorrow

The Gathering, an annual knife event for members of the popular Usual Suspects Network forum, is turning eleven years old this year. The show begins tomorrow, August 29th, and will be gathering (pun intended) together more than 100 exhibitors, including many of the custom knife world’s biggest names.

The Usual Suspects Network formed back in the misty reaches of 2002, started by a group of Emerson collectors. While Emerson production and custom knives still play a central role in the USN culture, plenty of other makers have joined up including Strider, Hinderer, Jared Oeser, and Liong Mah.

All of these names and more are exhibiting at the show this year. The Gathering prides itself on not being “just another knife show,” with its quad-centric layout, which partners up makers of different stages of their career together, creating a more informal, congenial atmosphere – a feeling that is furthered by many familiar faces among the attendees returning year after year.

Given its focus on custom knives and trading between collectors, the Gathering isn’t necessarily a place where major releases or announcements happen. But that doesn’t mean product reveals are unheard of during or around the Gathering itself.

Knife in Featured Image: Jared Oeser Mantis Flipjoint